To confirm our commitment to a sustainable future, we are collecting a range of prominent environmental credentials. These will prove to our stakeholders that we are not only striving to innovate our products and improve their environmental performance, but that our focus on sustainability permeates our entire operation and has become part of our corporate DNA.

EcoVadis is the universal sustainability ratings provider. By getting rated we are able to demonstrate our sustainability performance to our stakeholders at a glance.
EcoVadis is recognised as the most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings.
It guides companies worldwide toward a better future and a sustainable world.
Since its founding in 2007, over 100,000 companies have used EcoVadis to assess and improve their sustainability performance and benchmark their sustainability achievements against other companies.

Purmo Group's result for 2022

We are proud to say that in 2022 five of our plants received a bronze EcoVadis sustainability rating.
Four plants even received a silver medal, indicating that they’re in the top 25 percentile. On top of that, our plant in Markaryd, Sweden was recently awarded an EcoVadis Gold medal. It is now part of the 10% top level companies in the EcoVadis network that achieved the required sustainability score for a Gold rating. These medals are reviewed periodically.
We will of course make every effort to maintain and improve our ratings so that our suppliers and customers can rest assured that they’re collaborating with a sustainable partner who believes in the future. We continue our journey with EcoVadis and are going for platinum.

Our plants which received the gold EcoVadis medal

  • Markaryd, Sweden

Our plants which received the silver EcoVadis medal

  • Biache, France
  • Brescia, Italy (FIV SRL)
  • Yangzhou, China
  • Zonhoven, Belgium

Our plants which received the bronze EcoVadis medal

  • Diemlach, Austria
  • Forcate, Italy (EMMETI SPA)
  • Moson, Hungary
  • Rybnik, Poland
  • Vigonovo, Italy (EMMETI SPA)