Inverter heat pumps, heat pumps for potable water

Eco Hot Water is a last-generation heat pump for potable water heating that collects energy from the air and transfers it to the water inside the tank, consuming less energy than a standard electric water heater.

MIRAI SMI is an inverter heat pump suitable for different systems, such as radiant heating and cooling systems, air terminal units and low-temperature radiators. It also offers the possibility of producing domestic hot water.

How does a heat pump work?

A heat pump exploits the cooling cycle to transfer heat from outside air to the water that circulates in the heating system. In other words, it extracts heat from a natural source, i.e., the outside air, which is cooled by the cooling cycle based on the condensation and evaporation of the refrigerant gas and on the thermal energy which is absorbed or released during these transitions. The heat is then transported inside the building at the ideal temperature.
The same principle is exploited in heating and cooling systems configured for heating in the winter, even if, in this case, the air in the room is heated and not the water which circulates.

When should I check the anode installed inside the heat pump for potable water heating?

The frequency of checking the magnesium anode installed in a heat pump for hot water production for sanitary use depends on the characteristics of the water.
However, we recommend checking at least once every six months for safety.

Can the heat pump for potable water heating control a solar system?

Yes, the electronic controller installed on the heat pump is ready to control the solar panel sensor and activate the solar circulator when necessary, working as a differential thermostat. You can easily set the temperature differential to start the circulator.

Why does the Mirai SMI heat pump not have an internal unit like other ones on the market?

Emmeti has chosen to focus on Mirai SMI, which has a built-in cooling circuit. This means it can be installed quickly and safely without having to set up lines to circulate the cooling gas and directly produce hot water. Emmeti can, however, also supply Mirai Split, which is a heat pump with an internal and external unit.

The Mirai SMI inverter heat pump is not working, and the display shows no error message. What can I do?

The Mirai SMI inverter heat pump has two displays that indicate possible alarms: one on the side and one on the front of the machine. It is possible to have an alarm on one of the two displays. However, if it is impossible to identify the problem, we recommend contacting Emmeti after-sales service.

Can I produce DHW with a Mirai SMI Inverter heat pump?

Yes, the Mirai SMI inverter heat pump can control a 3-way valve (not included) located in the system. You can set the required temperature directly on the heat pump's electronic controller.

Why has the Mirai SMI inverter heat pump been upgraded with a new circulator?

The Mirai SMI Inverter Heat Pump has been equipped with a new circulator since Aug 1st, 2015, by EC 641/2009 and EU 622-2012 standards.

Why are Emmeti's Inverter heat pumps and other climate products now equipped with an energy label?

Emmeti inverter heat pumps and other air conditioning products will be supplied with an energy label beginning September 26, 2015, in compliance with EU Regulation 811/2013.