Multilayer Pipes and Press Fittings

The Gerpex system is made up of multilayer PeX/Al/PeX pipes with press fittings. Press-fitting and screw-fitting options are offered for the Gerpex system.
It's suitable for underfloor heating, radiator heating, fan-coil heating, potable water distribution, and compressed air distribution systems.

Multilayer pipe and press fitting systems for gas home distribution are allowed in some countries (must be validated country by country).

How is it possible to understand that the jaws of a press machine for press fittings must be replaced?

The jaws must be replaced when, after pressing them, the stainless steel sleeve is not circular and shows a deformation where the jaws are joining each other.

When is it necessary to check the electric engine of a press machine?

The last generation press machines are equipped with a counter indicating the time of revision.

Is it possible to use PeX/Al/PeX multilayer pipe in solar applications?

First, because it is not UV resistant, PeX/Al/PeX multilayer pipe cannot be used in solar applications. Secondly, in the event of problems, the temperature can be very high and damage the internal layer of the pipe.

Which is the difference between PeX/Al/PeX and PeRT/Al/PeRT multilayer pipes?

PeX/Al/PeX multilayer pipe is composed of crosslinked PE, so the heat and mechanical stress resistance are improved during the crosslinking procedure. On the other hand, PeRT/Al/PeRT multilayer pipe is composed of PE with a chemical additive to be used with hot water, but it is not crosslinked. The multilayer pipe PeRT/Al /PeRT is primarily utilized in underfloor heating and cooling systems and radiator and sanitary water systems.