Large-scale residential buildings

In large residential buildings, heating and cooling systems can use a huge amount of energy. But today, that need not to be the case.

Demands for more energy-efficient and eco-friendly residential heating and cooling solutions are increasing and will only continue to grow.

As well as this, residents are keen to minimize their household budget and make their homes more efficient and less expensive to run. 

Residential heating and cooling

Each person is looking for the comfort that best suits their needs and that best fits their lifestyle habits. But In big apartment buildings, there is a need for some synergy between the different apartments when it comes to heating installations. This increases efficiency not only during the building process but also in the user phase. That's why planners need to think thoroughly about one system for the entire building that could meet all needs.

Additionally, residential heating and cooling systems are experiencing major changes.
Today, users require:

  • comfortable and healthy environments, paying greater attention to both environmental comfort and air quality;

  • systems that are efficient and cheaper to use so that you can reduce your energy bill;

  • systems that respect the environment in order to contain pollutant levels and reduce CO2 emissions from the building;

  • systems that are simple and functional, allowing users to manage their building even when they are on the move.


The wide range of Emmeti products, meets the needs of this type of market, ranging from centralized and autonomous generation and management systems, including both convective and radiant emission systems.

There are many environmentally friendly products, such as heat pumps, used in autonomous systems and centralized systems in this range. Thanks to the adoption of this technology, it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 30% compared to other generation systems. At the same time, it is possible to reduce your energy bill.

The use of the apartments could be varied, and consequently, the heat emission system could also vary.
If we are in the presence of apartments with constant use of heat, the most efficient system that provides the best comfort will most likely be a radiator system, but if the

buildings have non-constant use, such as for holiday homes, the request could be for a system that allows a faster set-up, such as the fancoil units.

In the management and control systems of centralized systems, heat metering is essential, allowing each condominium to verify its consumption.
Emmeti pays close attention to user privacy by providing certified measurement systems that allow only the user and the condominium manager to access the reading of their consumption.

Interview with an expert

Cristiano Montagner, technical sales manager, Italy

In recent years, the Italian regulatory landscape has changed significantly, paying great attention to buildings' consumption, insulation, and systems. As all these elements are defined in the designing and planning phase, choices made during this part of the building process are decisive. 

What changes are taking place in the market thanks to the new rules?

If in the past the user evaluated a building only for its position and type, today, the user who approaches the purchase of a building is also attentive to the Energy Performance Certificate (EPA). This requires that from the design phase to the construction phase, there is more and more attention to the choices made to make the house more efficient both in its construction and in the adopted systems.

What has changed in the choice of implants?

In recent years we have seen, for example, heat emission systems change. There is an increasing demand for fast-reacting radiant systems as they allow great environmental comfort and adapt better to temperature changes. In the generation, the adoption of heat pumps, certainly among the most efficient systems, has made it possible to lower the environmental footprint of buildings significantly. Also, the increasing adoption of photovoltaic production systems enable, for example, in the case of radiant systems, a reduction of energy costs.

Maximum comfort in a healthy and pleasant living environment

Our commitment is to offer maximum comfort in a healthy and pleasant environment to live in, offer advanced systems, easy to use, and combine respect for the environment with maximum energy saving.

This recent renovation of a villa in Stevenà di Caneva (Italy - Pordenone) stands out the floor heating and cooling system with Mirai SMI heat pump and Eco Hot Water heat pump for sanitary water.

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Silence..to listen to

The need to heat, cool and dehumidify the rooms has today found an adequate response in fan coils.

The increasingly advanced technology and accurate design have allowed the installation of these products in any environment with pleasing aesthetic results combined with immediate and constant temperature control.

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