Multilayer Pipes and Hydraulic Fittings for Heating, Cooling, and Gas Distribution Systems

A comprehensive range of metal-plastic multilayer pipes for the construction of heating and sanitary systems, as well as gas supply, combined with press fittings specially designed, tested, and certified by prestigious international laboratories by technical reference standards, ensuring long-term safety and reliability. Multilayer systems are becoming more popular due to several undeniable benefits, including ease and speed of installation.
Over time, regulatory changes have permitted the deployment of this technology in household gas delivery networks.

Metal-plastic multilayer pipes for heating and sanitary systems

Gerpex and Gerpex RA are two types of multilayer pipes for heating and sanitary systems that are made of composite material using a technologically advanced process in which a PE-Xb (cross-linked polyethylene) pipe is coupled to an aluminum core with a minimum thickness of 0.3 mm in the case of Gerpex or 0.2 mm in the case of Gerpex RA, butt welded, and externally coated with another layer of PE-Xb.

Alpert multilayer pipes, on the other hand, are multilayer composite pipes that combine the benefits of plastic and metal pipes: the external and internal layers are PE-X or PE-RT, with an aluminum welded heat layer between them.
All layers are firmly connected and as a result are flexible and resistant to pressure and temperature and have low thermal expansion. 

Multilayer metal-plastic pipes for gas adduction

Regulatory changes over the years have made it possible to deploy multilayer technology in household gas adduction systems as well. 

Gaspex is a multilayer pipe for gas adduction systems created by Emmeti. It is made of PE-Xb (cross-linked polyethylene) and is combined with a butt-welded aluminum core that is externally coated with a PE-Xb layer. 

Gaspex is available in a variety of diameter rolls, as well as rigid bars coated with corrugated sheathing.

Heating, cooling, and gas distribution press fittings

Emmeti's Press Fittings can be used to install domestic water distribution and heating systems, as well as gas distribution systems.