Automatic air vents and Pressure Reducing Valves

All of Emmeti's pressure reducers are fitted with adjustable surface shutters, allowing for a constant exit pressure even when the intake pressure varies. The maximum intake pressure is 25 bar, with a range of 1 to 6 bar for the exit pressure.

The automated air vents and other accessories in the Emmeti catalog were chosen and designed to round out the range of heating and potable water distribution system components.

Why are there two plugs of a different color in each automatic air vent?

The plugs installed on the automatic air vents have different colors because they have different functions.
The red plug can be used for manual functioning, and the grey one can be used for automatic functioning.

How is the Eco + pressure reducer adjusted?

The Eco + pressure reducer is made with the adjustment screw that can be reached by removing the white cap.
To check the downstream pressure, a pressure gauge with a ¼ ”M connection can be installed in place of the black cap.

When is it necessary to install two Eco + pressure reducers?

The installation of two reducers in series is recommended for pressure reductions higher than 10 bar (for example: from 15 to 5 bar).