Training according to Emmeti

Emmeti feels that technical training is a must for satisfying clients. Therefore, its training and professional development courses are held in a big and efficient training room, showroom, and practice room. Thanks to this program, Emmeti can now provide maximum support to its clients in selecting goods and systems, installation, start-up, and after-sales services.

Our courses are run for:

  • Heating engineers

  • Installers

  • Service Centres

  • Sales Network

  • Pre-Sales Service

  • After-Sales Service

Our courses:

  • Climate control

  • Condensing boiler

  • Radiant system (hot-cold)

  • Temperature control

  • Metering

  • Solar thermal systems

Second-semester training courses continue

Emmeti believes that training activities are essential to provide a high quality service to our customers but also to installers in achieving skills or filling any knowledge, theoretical and/or practical gaps.

In these days, we explored:

👉 The Febos 4.0 control system with theoretical part of operation and practical tests

👉 The MIRAI-SMI heat pump to review technical features, components and proper installation

👉 The ECO HOT WATER heat pump for ACS, in particular the components and panel interface and alarms

As always, there is a profitable synergy between Emmeti and the Assistance Centers / Qualified Installers who join our training program to guarantee professional service.