Our commitment for a better world

At Emmeti and Purmo Group, we’re on a journey to a better future.
Our future, your future and our planet’s future.

Our indoor climate comfort solutions are the result of years of experience and determination that put us in a unique position to make a difference!

That's why we integrate sustainability in every part of our business, offering sustainable packaging solutions combined with the sustainable quality of our materials.

A professional growth story

Gender equality in Emmeti

Sustainability is not only expressed in terms of respect for the environment but also in the form of a commitment to the well-being of its employees.

Emmeti believes in an inclusive workplace and is attentive to the demands of its people.

For this reason, we are very proud to announce that we obtained the UNI/PdR 125:2022 certification for Gender Equality.

This is a first step that demonstrates the company's commitment to closing the gender gap in the workplace.

Click here and download our Gender Equality Policy

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UNI/PdR 125:2022 IT

UNI/PdR 125:2022 EN

Business sustainability in offices and warehouses

LED lighting, Sustainable Production by Photovoltaic System & Latest generation of window fixtures

Emmeti is constantly focused on cutting waste and maximizing energy resources.
For this reason, it has completely renovated its lighting fleet, replacing the neon lights that were previously used in its warehouses and offices with LED tubes, an increasingly popular light source that uses less energy and is less expensive. The LED tubes are made of plastic and do not contain any noble gases or mercury.
They light up instantly with no flicker, produce no heat, and emit no harmful substances. Furthermore, without dispersion, all of the light produced by the LED tubes is used and directed towards the surface to be illuminated.

The average monthly consumption went from 11,022 kWh (in warehouses) to an average monthly consumption of 4,502 kWh.
An expected annual saving of 78,240 kWh equals nearly 22.3 tonnes of CO2!

This is just one of our initiatives that help us reduce our environmental impact.

Emmeti has installed a photovoltaic system on the roof of its multilayer pipe plant in Forcate, which has always been in step with technological innovations, taking advantages of a sustainable energy production.

- covering about 24% of the electricity needs of the production site;
- efficient solar energy production stable and guaranteed for about 25 years;
- saving fossil fuels, exploitation of the sun’s clean and inexhaustible energy source,
- electricity leakage reduction as produced and immediately used;
- operating and maintenance costs reduced to a minimum.

After replacing the entire lighting stock with LED lighting, we are now changing the old window frames with the latest generation models to ensure less thermal dispersion and greater sound insulation.

A choice that is not only good for the planet, but also for the wallet because, in addition to avoiding waste, it has allowed us to deduct part of the expense incurred by taking advantage of Ecobonus incentives!

Our solutions

We drive the market with environmentally friendly heating and cooling solutions that are easy to integrate. By applying circular design principles to our products and helping our customers make climate-smart choices, we're able to reduce the impact of our products.

Our two commitments with regard to the sustainability of our solutions are:

  • Climate-smart choices. As a leading supplier of indoor climate comfort solutions, we consider it our responsibility to help homeowners better manage their energy use. Our aim is to provide clear information about our efficient, circular and integrated systems as well as the lifetime environmental impact of all our products so that we can help our customers make informed choices.

  • Circularity and end of life. We will apply circular design principles to all our products in an effort to add sustainable and long-lasting value to our entire range. We are also investing in the creation of more circularity-focused solutions. Furthermore, we are developing a donation service that will allow consumers to bring in their old but still functioning systems for renovation or recycling.

Emmeti Home System - Solutions for indoor climatic comfort: MIRAI SMI 4.0 & FEBOS 4.0

A heat pump is a device that transfers energy from a lower-temperature heat source to a higher-temperature source using a reverse thermodynamic cycle.
This makes it possible to provide energy for winter heating and domestic hot water production.
The Emmeti MIRAI SMI 4.0 heat pump combines compact dimensions with a completeness of functions, as some components of the thermal system and its regulation, are already integrated within the unit.

FEBOS-CRONO, is the user terminal (Basic or Wi-fi for all-round connectivity) for controlling room temperature and humidity and displaying and/or setting operating parameters.
Combined with the MIRAI-SMI 4.0 heat pump, it falls under Class V temperature control, according to the ErP Regulations of room heating appliances.

The FEBOS 4.0 system enables the heat pump to operate by maximizing the amount of (free) energy provided by the photovoltaic panel in relation to the building's actual thermal and electrical energy demand. It is a new modular Hardware/Software platform designed to manage the MIRAI-SMI 4.0 heat pump and control the house's environmental comfort, energy flows, and costs.

Discover our pre-packaged Kits, consisting of a MIRAI-SMI 4.0 heat pump and all the components needed to build a single-zone FEBOS 4.0 system, with the possibility of remote control via Web App.

Installation of five hydronic MIRAI SMI Heat Pumps at Emmeti

There's a famous saying: "practise what you preach". We believe in that.
That's why we've a bank of five MIRAI SMI 4.0 air-to-water heat pumps to serve our offices in Vigonovo (IT).

The bank consists of five MIRAI SMI 4.0 air/water reversible heat pumps and works as winter heating and summer cooling. The entire hydronic part of the primary and distribution system was realised with the Emmeti GERPEX System, using the various pipes and clamp fittings.

The solution has many strengths, e.g. remarkable installation power and high energy efficiency with a wide modulation range. It provides reliability and guaranteed operation in relation to generator redundancy with possible partial exclusion during maintenance or temporary shutdowns. Moreover, it is easy and fast to install.

This project is a great example of how our products can be combined to provide highly efficient complete solutions, using renewable energy and thus keeping the planet safe.

Sustainable Packaging solutions

As consumers and businesses strive to reduce their environmental impact, sustainable packaging solutions are becoming increasingly important.
There are numerous packaging options that are more environmentally friendly than traditional methods and can help reduce waste and resource consumption.
The use of biodegradable and compostable materials, such as paper, cardboard, and plant-based plastics, is a popular solution. These materials decompose naturally and do not contribute to plastic accumulation in the environment. Using biodegradable materials in packaging can also help reduce the need for traditional petroleum-based plastics, which are non-renewable and harmful to the environment if not properly disposed of.

The new Emmeti packaging is made from unbleached cellulose-based paper and 100% recyclable natural fibers. The graphic customization is limited to a single color and is done with an environmentally friendly, solvent-free water-based ink.

Emmeti has also said no to polystyrene, starting to use paper to fill the packages, saving 167 kg of polystyrene in 2021!

Certified ecological paper and colours

Our printed items are made using paper produced with fibres from forests, managed in compliance with precise social, environmental and economic standards as certified by a dedicated entity, the Forest Stewardship Council. 

The inks used for printing are of the new generation, made with more than 80% of raw materials from renewable resources free of petroleum derivatives and formulated with vegetable-derived paints and solvents only.

Therefore, minimum toxicity, but also maximum biodegradability, and, if properly washed, printed items will be easier to recycle.

Promote Sustainable Behavior

Companies can promote sustainable behavior by educating employees about the importance of sustainability.

Emmeti has installed in its plants new water dispensers from a treated water supply system (microfiltration and UV sanitization), and local employees have all received Emmeti-branded aluminium drinking bottles.

It is estimated that this initiative reduces up to 30.000 plastic bottles per year, which is the equivalent of approximately 900 kg of plastic.

Emmeti has also replaced all plastic cups with 100% recycled one, made in ecological pressed paper suitable for food use.

This will mean additional 450 kg of plastic saved every year!

Paula Bear - Because We Care

On our journey to a more sustainable future, we are joined by Paula Bear.
Paula represents our commitment to a greener and cleaner production, our ambition to offer sustainable indoor climate comfort solutions and our care for our people and the communities in which we operate.