User terminal for room temperature and humidity control and for viewing and / or setting the operating parameters of MIRAI-SMI 4.0 heat pump.
Available in Basic or WiFi model.
FEBOS-CRONO Wi-Fi user terminal differs from FEBOS-CRONO Basic only by the presence of a special internal plugin which allows the connectivity to FEBOS 4.0 System and allows its control from a dedicated web portal.
In FEBOS-CRONO WiFi the internal information is transmitted with Wire-less technology to the home ADSL router which sends it to the MTCLOUD.
This way, the environmental comfort system is fully remotely control-lable (both user and service side) through simple dedicated Web App, by using common devices such as smartphones, tablets or PCs.
- Parameters control and level of environmental comfort
- Launch and display of the HP operating
- User friendly capacitive touch interface
- Recessed installation in 503 box
Characteristics of the hardware
- TFT 4.3" True Color industrial display interface with capacitive touch
- Embedded linux based microprocessor architecture
- Integrated temperature and humidity sensor (room)
- n. 2 digital inputs (window / presence contact)
- n. 2 Relay outputs 230V 5A (heating-cooling / dehumidifier consent)
- USB interface (micro-B) for upload / download
- RS485 2 wire serial interface
- 24 Vdc 3 W Power supply
- Plastic cover for recessed fixing on 503 box
Characteristics of the hardware for the WiFi module (for model FEBOS-CRONO WiFi)
- Wifi module 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz WLAN MAC/BB processing
- Security: WEP 64/128, WPA, WPA2, TKIP, AES, WAPI
- Software upgrade via internet
Characteristics of the software
- Extremely intuitive and user frendly interface for immediate use both by user and installer
- Three levels of access and functional security (guest-user-service levels)
- Management of predefined desktop themes in multiple modes
- Multilanguage universal
- Modbus RTU serial communication
- MASTER or SLAVE device configuration
Design and aesthetics add to FEBOS-CRONO that particular touch that place it in the furnishing components world, as well as allowing it to be used independently and comfortably by both the user and the installer during the setup and/or maintenance of the air conditioning system phase.
FEBOS-CRONO can be used as:
- MASTER-HP user terminal (stand alone) for the control and setup of MIRAI-SMI 4.0 heat pump operating modes and related devices and connected system terminals (slaves). Furthermore, if the dedicated "FEBOS-ENERGY" module is installed to measure the respective electrical energy consumed and / or supplied by the house, it is possible to directly monitor the energy flows on the FEBOS-CRONO and manage all the main devices for air conditioning and domestic hot water production, optimizing the related efficiencies with cost savings as a result. The comfort parameters, the operating periods and the relevant operat-ing costs are constantly stored within FEBOS-CRONO so that they can be consulted at any time by the user.
- SLAVE-ROOM user terminal (stand alone) for the control of the room temperature and humidity, and the possible activation of the relevant circuit electric valve and/or of the room dehumidifier.
Model Q.ty per pack. Code
Q.ty per pack. 1 pcs
Code 07245103
Q.ty per pack. 1 pcs
Code 07245113
Model Cable RS485 ModBus L=100m
Q.ty per pack. 1 pcs
Code 07245180