Underfloor heating
mixing units

Controlling the water temperature is critical in an underfloor heating and cooling system for both comfort and safety reasons (protection of the floor surface).

Because many heat pumps and condensing boilers can't keep a consistent water temperature, it's critical to employ a UFH mixing unit with a mixing valve, a circulator, and an air vent. In addition, the heating manifold can be included or installed independently in a mixing unit.

What is the difference between a “fixed point” thermostatic mixing unit and an electronic mixing unit?

The fixed point mixing group sends the water into the system at a fixed temperature, controlled by a mixing valve with thermostatic regulation. The mixing unit with an electronic mixing valve varies the system delivery temperature as the external temperature varies, optimizing the operation of heat pumps or condensing boilers.

When is the M3V mixing unit recommended in an underfloor heating application?

The M3V UFH mixing unit is recommended when it is necessary to supply high-temperature water to 2 or 3 radiators (bathrooms) and low-temperature water to underfloor heated areas.

When is the Modular Firstbox mixer recommended in a UFH or radiator-based heating system?

Modular Firstbox mixing units are designed to combine areas heated by underfloor heating with areas where radiators are installed. So, with the Modular Firstbox mixing unit, it is possible to have high-temperature water flowing in the radiator area and low-temperature water flowing in the underfloor heating area.

Why are the UFH mixing units now equipped with a new pump unit?

In compliance with the new ERP (Energy Related Products), Emmeti, from August 1st 2015, supplies pumps with an Energy Efficiency Index (IEE) not greater than 0.23. The goal of this standard is to reduce the energy consumption of the products involved.

What are the limits of the new TM3 mixing unit?

TM3 is a simplified mixing unit for underfloor heating, but it is equipped with an adjustable by-pass and a 3-way valve that allows very high flow rates. We can confirm that there are no limits regarding components and characteristics.

Is the UFH mixing unit TM3 satisfying all the requirements of the standards?

Yes, the TM3 mixing unit for UFH allows the system to be standards compliant.