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Living in healthy, comfortable, and eco-friendly environments is increasingly important: therefore, the experience and know-how that Emmeti has acquired in over forty years of activity in the fields of Heating and Plumbing, Air Conditioning, and Renewable Energy represent the best guarantee in the proposal of integrated and reliable systems to heat and cool your home, respecting the environment and energy saving.

An Emmeti home receives the heat necessary to warm you in winter and the coolness to cool you down in summer thanks to the MIRAI-SMI 4.0 heat pump, which, using energy from a renewable source, such as air, allows for to reduce of emissions of pollutants significantly into the atmosphere, such as CO2.

By combining the heat pump with the Emmeti Sun photovoltaic system, the energy necessary for your environmental well-being and your appliances will also come from the sun. In addition, thanks to the advanced intelligence of FEBOS 4.0, the entire system can be managed and controlled wherever you are, both through your smartphone, allowing your home to reach high standards of efficiency and comfort.

With the Arcobaleno thermal solar system, you can produce hot water with the maximum respect for nature, drawing the necessary energy directly from sunlight; in this way, your home adopts only solutions that use renewable sources, respectful of the environment, and with very low operating costs.

Do not forget the environmental comfort guaranteed by the Emmeti Clima Floor radiant system on the floor, or Emmeti Plasterboard, on the wall or ceiling; systems that allow you to provide your home with maximum performance combined with maximum operating comfort.

Being fully integrated within the floor, the radiant system also allows the use of all the spaces in the house, is not binding in furnishing solutions, and also satisfies the increasing need for summer cooling; Emmeti Clima Floor reduces the average radiant temperature, ensuring a feeling of comfort with slightly higher air temperatures than traditional systems and, combined with humidity control, also offers effective summer air conditioning.

In addition, Emmeti Recupera controlled ventilation system allows air exchange, ensuring excellent air quality in all seasons; controls the temperature and humidity of the rooms and avoids waste thanks to the thermal recovery of the energy inside the house.

Finally, in multi-family systems, your centralized system can be used as an autonomous system thanks to the Emmeti Energy Box accounting system, which allows you to manage the house as needed and to account for consumption, paying in proportion to the energy consumed.

Our commitment is to always offer you maximum comfort in a healthy and pleasant environment, offering you advanced systems that are simple to use and combine respect for the environment with maximum energy savings.

By choosing an Emmeti System, you know you can also count on a prepared and competent After-Sales Service, careful to your needs and always beside you in the use and correct maintenance of every single component, in the design as well as during the entire life of your plant, to make your life easier and calmer.