Gas leak detectors and solenoid valves for gas 

Ball valves for gas and gas bibcocks are produced by automatic systems, which allow a high and constant quality level. They can be used in medium or low-pressure distribution systems with natural gas or LPG gas.

When used in conjunction with gas leak detectors, solenoid gas valves boost the installation's safety level and are simple to install in existing systems.

The solenoid brass valve for gas does not open even if electrically connected. Is this correct?

It is correct, considering that all the Emmeti gas solenoid valves are equipped with a manual reset device. This means that they can be opened only manually after closing. In addition, this solution allows for a higher safety level.

Is it possible to replace the sensor of a gas leak detector?

No, it is impossible to replace the sensor because it requires setting the detector's internal system, which is a long and expensive procedure. However, the gas leak detector must be replaced every five years anyway.