Underfloor Heating and Cooling

Emmeti's underfloor heating and cooling system provides outstanding comfort and significant energy savings throughout the year. 

Underfloor heating system: comfort and constant warmth

Unlike radiators, heat is transmitted via radiation, providing for equal heat distribution while preventing unpleasant air and dust movement.  

Heat emitted from the floor is transferred to the walls, resulting in less heat exchange with the individuals in the room. 

What is a floor cooling system and how does it work?

In recent years, floor system technologies have evolved as a method for cooling rooms, offering an alternative to air conditioning systems.  

During the summer, the floor cools by radiation and absorbs heat when the room temperature. Thanks to radiant panels, which cover the entire surface of the room unlike traditional radiators, the coolness spreads quickly and the temperature is maintained, ensuring significant energy savings.  

Emmeti's revolutionary underfloor system installation components enable simple and versatile installation, satisfying a variety of installation requirements depending on how buildings are built.