Termec, Sintesi, and Smarty: Thermostats and Chronothermostats

The thermostats and chronothermostats connected to the electrothermic heads mounted on the heating manifolds provide temperature control in each room.

It is possible to utilize a manual thermostat where the temperature may be changed manually or a chronothermostat where various temperatures can be set for different time bands. Climate control and humidity control are required in the case of underfloor cooling systems.

Why does the chronothermostat show 2 temperature levels?

The chronothermostat has two temperature levels. The first is the comfort level, which is higher in heating, and the second is the economy level, which is lower in heating.
It is important to know that it is more expensive to turn off the heating system at night than to lower the room temperature when it is not needed.
The recommended temperature reduction at night is 2°C.

Why is the heating system on, even though I have set the economy temperature level?

This happens when the temperature chosen for the economy condition (L2) is higher than the room temperature.

Is it possible to connect more than one fan coil to a single thermostat?

No, it is not possible to connect more than one fan coil to a thermostat. In case of need, please contact the Emmeti after-sale service.