All components for the distribution of comfort in your home

To distribute the heat inside one's home optimally and comfortably, all components must be of high quality and subject to strict reliability tests.
Emmeti's commercial offering fully meets these requirements with each product: stainless steel and brass distribution manifolds, electrothermal heads, metal cassettes, distribution manifolds for domestic water, motorized ball valves, mixing units for radiant systems, and booster sets from central heating plant.

Stainless Steel and Brass Manifolds  

Emmeti manifolds are composed of brass or stainlesssteel and are used in radiant heating and cooling systems, as well as residential water distribution

Equipped with a control valve for each circuit, they allow accurate temperature control in each zone of the building, thus optimizing energy efficiency and allowing the system to be adapted to different comfort requirements. 

Emmeti manifolds are also designed to be simple to install and maintain. They have threaded connectors and fast couplings, which make assembly easier and installation time shorter.