Terminal air units for residential and service industry use

The need to heat, cool, and dehumidify the rooms finds an adequate response in the fan coils.
The increasingly advanced technology and the accurate design have allowed the installation of these products in any environment with satisfying aesthetic results combined with immediate and constant temperature control and, in general, comfort in all seasons.

Emmeti wall and ceiling mounted fan coils:

The different versions can satisfy the most varied system requirements for wall or ceiling installation, with or without a cover cabinet in the case of recessed installation.
The selection includes ducted and covered types and wall and ceiling models with various designs and sizes.

The usage of fancoils today results in significant energy savings due to the proliferation of low-temperature systems, which makes them more prevalent in residential and commercial constructions with high energy needs.

Emmeti air terminal units and accessories:

For optimal electrical consumption optimization, fan motors can either be conventional or Brushless, depending on the model.
The setup is of a single type; however, the centralized configuration can be implemented using the proper consoles and tools.