Silence to listen to

The project consists of No.13 self-contained systems located in Margherita di Savoia (Italy), with the following characteristics:

  • Heating system: radiant floor Emmeti Floor

  • Air conditioning system: Silence EGWW fan coils

  • Generator: Mirai SMI heat pump, for heating, cooling, and DHW

  • Forced circulation solar thermal system with Rainbow NS panels for DHW integration.

Photovoltaic + Mirai SMI

The optimum combination for converting solar energy into thermal energy ensures your house's year-round comfort.
Arcobaleno solar collectors are used in closed-circuit solar heating systems to provide domestic hot water for swimming pool heating or even preheating or augmenting room heating systems.


  • Low management expenses

  • The initial expenditure on installing a solar heating system is covered by almost no operating costs. The sole energy cost is the power consumed by the circulator (if present).


  • adaptable installation

  • wise financial planning

  • advanced technology

  • environmental sensitivity

Air conditioners for all needs

An efficient and effective comfort system is considered essential in every situation. Reducing temperature and humidity is often seen as promoting happiness, both in the home and in public settings and workplaces.

For this solution, Emmeti presents the Silence EGWW fan coil for summer and winter climate management of small residential spaces, with installation on the top section of the wall. Because of the ABS structure's revolutionary design, installation is straightforward and quick.

The Silence EGWW is outfitted with a thermoregulator that displays the operational state of the electric fan and the on/off timer through a customized display on the front panel.