Residential Emmeti

Our objective is to provide maximum comfort in a healthy and pleasant living environment, to provide innovative technologies that are simple to use, and to combine environmental stewardship with maximum energy savings.
This recent refurbishment of a property in Stevenà di Caneva (Italy - Pordenone) highlights the floor heating and cooling system with Mirai SMI heat pump and Eco Hot Water heat pump for sanitary water.

Maximum comfort in a healthy, enjoyable living environment

Emmeti's latest generation of heat pumps fulfills the increased demands for living comfort while lowering operating expenses.
MIRAI SMI is a heat pump designed and built in Japan to provide maximum efficiency and dependability in summer and winter air conditioning; it has been extensively tested to operate at temperatures as low as -20 °C. The MIRAI SMI heat pump may be remotely monitored and managed via smartphones and tablets using the FEBOS-HP free app, which can be acquired from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Underfloor heating + Mirai SMI

The optimum combination for converting solar energy into thermal energy ensures your house's year-round comfort.
Emmeti Floor is the Emmeti underfloor heating system created using cutting-edge materials, tried-and-true building procedures, and cutting-edge calculating tools. Furthermore, because it is invisible, it does not affect the furnishing solutions of the premises!

The PE-Xc PENTA pipe with oxygen barrier EVOH 5 layersperfectly meets the quality requirements of a radiant heating/cooling system, thanks in particular to its flexibility and durability over time.

Gerpex is an Emmeti system for building heating and sanitary systems using multilayer pipes constructed of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), aluminum, and specific fittings.
The Gerpex System is a dependable and comprehensive solution due to its wide variety of fittings and fastening options.

The Gerpex system may be used to build hot water heating systems, chilled water air conditioning systems, and plumbing systems.
It also has strong temperature and pressure resistance, thermal insulation, resistance to crushing, abrasion, and external chemicals, is lightweight and is easy to install.

The Eco Hot Water pump transmits heat from the surrounding air to the water within the tank, lowering energy costs and providing significant savings of up to 70% compared to a typical electric water heater.

Furthermore, because of its square base, it enables excellent installation space efficiency.
Connect the water intake and exit pipes, the condensate drain, and the electrical connection to the house system for installation.


  • Significant financial savings

  • Lowering energy costs

Emmeti creates integrated solutions to ensure comfort and well-being. Find the one that best meets your requirements!