90° Tee EPE gray

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90° Tee EPE gray

Grey 90° T-fitting in expanded polypropylene for Controlled Mechanical Ventilation, UTO and UTV. Internal diameter 160 mm.

Density: 30 kg/m3.
Unit thermal transmittance: 0.041 W/mK (EN12667).
Thermal resistance: R = 0.56 (m2 x K)/W.
Temperature range: min -30 °C, max +60 °C.
Wall thickness: 16 mm.
Reaction to fire class: B1 (DIN4102).
Fluid: air.
Air permeability: C (EN 12237:2003).
Material of clip coupling and clamping/fixing collar: PP.
Self-supporting, it is fixed with a traditional collar positioned every 2 metres.
Air-tight without thermal and acoustic breaks.

Note: to clean the internal surface, use only soft-bristle brushes to avoid damage.
Model Q.ty per pack. Code
Model Ø internal 125 mm
Q.ty per pack. 1 pcs
Code 07235761
Model Ø internal 160 mm
Q.ty per pack. 1 pcs
Code 07235661