Insulated T-connection for CMV

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Insulated T-connection for CMV

The HDPE insulated tee is an innovative, environmentally friendly ducting system with integrated acoustic and thermal insulation for fast and safe installation.

Sturdy system with integrated insulation:
- stable HDPE casing pipe, sturdy and resistant to impact;
- excellent acoustic insulation thanks to the integrated polyolefine foam insulation inside the casing pipe, and closed-cell structure to prevent the diffusion of steam;
- prevents the formation of condensate thanks to the insulation of its water-repellent closed-cell structure.

Easy to install:
- easy and safe installation with special rubber connections (dedicated seal rings in EPDM);
- the pipes can be easily shortened with a clean cut, without residue;
- connections to all heat recovery ventilation units and for all roofs and wall-mounted terminals;
- minimal need for mounting brackets during installation.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly:
- sustainable system, the pipes are 100% recyclable;
- no residue during installation;
- environmentally friendly manufacturing of pipes and elbows.

Technical specifications:
- Temperature range: from -40 °C to +95 °C.
- Thermal conductivity: 0.040 W/mK at 40 °C

- DN125 model: external diameter 160 mm, internal diameter 125 mm;
- DN170 model: external diameter 200 mm, internal diameter 170 mm.
Model Q.ty per pack. Code
Model DN 125 mm
Q.ty per pack. 1 pcs
Code 07815550
Model DN 170 mm
Q.ty per pack. 1 pcs
Code 07815560