Insulating panel Thin Floor H5 with graphite

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UNI EN 13163

Insulating panel Thin Floor H5 with graphite

The Thin Floor H5 insulating panel with graphite is a bossed insulating panel with reduced thickness (19 mm including bosses), perfect for the renovation of residential/commercial buildings, allowing the development of underfloor radiant heating systems with a total thickness of just 30 mm (excluding flooring), using latest generation liquid screeds, allowing a minimum thickness above the heating system.

It is made of EPS 250 (expanded polystyrene) with a high-density (40 kg/m³), admixed with graphite to improve its thermal resistance and heat bonded with a rigid polystyrene surface film which produces a homogeneous material, with excellent characteristics of:
- Resistance to screed moisture
- Resistance to impact and treading during installation

The shape of the bosses, which allows for a multiple pitch of 100 mm, significantly increases its resistance, supporting the stresses while the pipes and the screed are laid.
The Thin Floor panel is designed to accommodate pipes with an external diameter of 12 mm.
The panel is supplied with a self-adhesive base to guarantee its stability until the piping is covered.
The coupling is guaranteed thanks to the special dovetail interlocking grooves, which seal the surface of the insulating layer avoiding thermal bridges.
The panel can be cut using a simple large-blade cutter.

The Thin Floor panel is produced in accordance with standard UNI EN 13163 (thermal insulation for buildings– factory made expanded polystyrene (EPS) products) and certified according to Regulation (EU) N. 305/2011.
Model Insulation thickness [mm] Thermal resistance [m²K/W] Density [kg/m³] m²/pack Code
Model 1200 x 600 x 19 / H5
Insulation thickness [mm] 5
Thermal resistance [m²K/W] 0,15
Density [kg/m³] 40
m²/pack 12,96
Code 28134048