Step Combi Floor phono-insulating panel with graphite

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UNI EN 13163

Step Combi Floor phono-insulating panel with graphite

The Step Combi Floor soundproofing panel with graphite is the innovative bossed panel, which, thanks to the materials used to produce it, is able to thermally insulate radiant floors and soundproof rooms against impact noise produced by footsteps.

EPS-T, obtained by a technologically advanced industrial process whereby a product is obtained composed of two layers with different density, features specific impact sound insulation properties. The EPS-T marking identifies (according to standard UNI EN 13163) expanded polystyrene products with sound insulation properties and classifies them according to certain levels of dynamic rigidity and compressibility.
The panel is coated with a thick, rigid, black polystyrene sheet of film on top, which makes it externally resistant to crushing caused by the operators treading on the bosses of the panel, before and after laying the cement.
The thermoformed film features cylindrical interlocking grooves on the edges that make up the waterproof and protective surface of the insulating layer, ideal for the use of liquid, self-levelling screeds.

The shape of the bosses allows a multiple pitch of 50 mm between pipes, thus giving the designer maximum freedom in sizing heating and cooling systems for residential/commercial buildings.
The panels are joined together thanks to the special interlocking cylindrical grooves on the edges that seal the surface of the insulating layer thus avoiding thermal bridges.
The structure of the bosses, equipped with special hooks on top to better lock the piping, allows for the implementation of circuits with a multiple orthogonal pitch of 50 mm.
The ribs between the bosses themselves keep the pipe slightly raised, thus improving the embedding of the screed.

Step Combi Floor panels are produced in accordance with standard UNI EN 13163 (thermal insulation for buildings - factory made expanded polystyrene (EPS) products) and certified according to Regulation (EU) N. 305/2011.
Model Insulation thickness [mm] Compressibility [mm] Thermal resistance [m²K/W] Dynamic stiffness [MN/m³] m²/pack Code
Model 1400 x 800 x 51 / H30-2
Insulation thickness [mm] 30
Compressibility [mm] 2
Thermal resistance [m²K/W] 0,90
Dynamic stiffness [MN/m³] 20
m²/pack 6,72
Code 28134270