Gerpex bare pipe in 4 mt bars

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Gerpex bare pipe in 4 mt bars

Gerpex pipe in bars is a multilayer pipe for plumbing and heating systems, made from a composite material through a technologically advanced process, whereby a pipe in PE-Xb (cross-linked polyethylene) is bonded to an aluminium core (minimum thickness 0.3 mm), which is butt-welded and covered with another layer in PE-Xb and finally insulated with a sheath in expanded polyethylene.
The Gerpex pipe combines the advantages of the workability and durability of plastic pipes with those of the sturdiness and dimensional stability at temperature and under pressure, of metal pipes.

It is suitable for the development of domestic hot water distribution networks, heating, cooling, and air conditioning circuits, and compressed air systems.
Developed and certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO 21003, according to application classes 2 and 5 for the transport of fluids at a maximum pressure of 10 bar and peak temperature of 95 °C.

Technical specifications of pipe
- Maximum operating conditions for 50 years: Design temperature 70 °C, Design pressure 10 bar
- Maximum temperature for short periods: 95 °C
- Coefficient of linear expansion: 0.026 mm/m°C
- Thermal conductivity: 0.45 W/m°C
- Minimum radius of curvature: 5 x Ø pipe
- Pipe internal surface roughness: 7 µm
Model Q.ty per pack. Code
Model 16 x 2
Q.ty per pack. 96 meter
Code 28108000
Model 20 x 2
Q.ty per pack. 96 meter
Code 28108004
Model 26 x 3
Q.ty per pack. 40 meter
Code 28108006
Model 32 x 3
Q.ty per pack. 28 meter
Code 28108008
Model 40 x 3,5
Q.ty per pack. 20 meter
Code 28100096
Model 50 x 4
Q.ty per pack. 20 meter
Code 28100098
Model 63 x 4,5
Q.ty per pack. 12 meter
Code 28100100
Model 75 x 5
Q.ty per pack. 12 meter
Code 28100070