Elbow fitting with chromed copper pipe Gerpex

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Elbow fitting with chromed copper pipe Gerpex

Press fitting for Emmeti multilayer pipe, designed for installation using the radial pressing technique.

The pincer, specific to each diameter of the fittings, compresses a stainless steel sleeve, which blocks the pipe on the core of the fitting. The hydraulic and mechanical seal is guaranteed by the special profile of the fitting and the double O-Ring.
The special profile of the fitting and use of the double O-Ring effectively guarantees a perfect, long-lasting hydraulic and mechanical seal after pressing, making it particularly suited to chase installations.

This type of junction has enjoyed increasing success thanks to its extreme simplicity and rapid installation, combined with the high reliability of the seal at temperature and under pressure.

- Body in brass CW617N - DW (UNI EN 12164 and 12165)
- Nylon sleeve ring, dielectric
- AISI 304 stainless steel sleeve
- EPDM dual O-Ring
- Threads UNI EN ISO 228-1, UNI EN 10226
Model Pressing profile Q.ty per pack. Code
Model 16 x Ø 15 - L 165,5 mm
Pressing profile B
Q.ty per pack. 5 pcs
Code 28101708