Basic wiring box 6T

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Basic wiring box 6T

It is a device especially designed for the connection and control of electrothermal heads associated with the circuits of low temperature radiant heating systems or high and low temperature mixed systems (underfloor radiators).
The system is easily integrated and installed in the regulation and distribution boxes of underfloor systems, and allows management of high temperature zones (max 6 zones) and low temperature zones.
The 6T base controller for electrothermal heads simplifies and optimises the wiring and connection of the electrothermal heads and relative thermostats; it turns a low temperature circulator on and off (with dedicated relay) and activates the generator that powers the system.
It includes the safety thermostat for the deactivation of the low temperature circulator and a remote alarm contact to signal the intervention of the safety thermostat.
Each unit features a pre-drilled metal strip on the back of the box for fixing inside the metal boxes with a depth of 110 mm.

- Max no. of connectible thermostats: 6
- NTC probe (supplied) for safety thermostat in low temperature zone: cable length 1.5 m

- No. 6 independent outputs for activation of normally closed electrothermal heads
- Contact for low temperature zone circulator (230 Vac)
- Free contact for heat source consent
- Free contact for remote high temperature alarm

- Direct supply of the electrothermal heads (selectable at 230 or 24 Vac).
- Jumper configuration of the electrothermal heads as high or low temperature.
- Jumper configuration of the electrothermal heads to be associated with the thermostat/s.
- Adjustable safety thermostat (30-60 °C) integrated into board. When triggered, it opens the contact of the low temperature circulator and (if set with jumper) the contact of the heat source; it closes the remote alarm contact.
- Activation of low temperature circulator with or without delay (4 min.) with respect to the activation of at least one low temperature zone.
- Circulator anti-seizure function: every 24 h of inactivity of the circulator, it will be activated for 15".
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Model Basic wiring box 6T
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