Distribution modules low temperature with mixing valve, pumps and electronic circulator pumps and open manifold.

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Distribution modules low temperature with mixing valve, pumps and electronic circulator pumps and open manifold.

Distribution modules for Low temperature heating systems with mixing valves, with electronic circulation pumps and open manifold, to manage zoned heating systems requiring large water flows with consistent feed temperatures.
The main feature is the "modular" construction which allows to assemble one or more modules as required.
The mixing system with thermostatic head for fixed-point control (heating only), or with an electric servomotor for temperature control (heating and/or cooling), reacts to any change in flow or heat emission and keeps the temperature of the fluid of the radiant panel system constant.
The unit, which comes with the Wilo Para RS 25/7 electronic circulator, should be completed with the installation of a thermostatic head with a remote sensor (for fixed-point operation in heating mode only), or an electric servomotor (3-point floating, or 0-10 Vdc modulating) combined with a temperature controller for heating and/or cooling.
The open Manifold module (hydraulic separator) allows feeding to single modules without any mutual interference between the primary and secondary circuits, and the supply of large water flows to the secondary circuits if the circulator on-board the heat source is not powerful enough.

The system is composed of:
- open manifold
- no.1-2-3 Low temperature distribution manifold
- no.1-2-3 Mixing valves ready for thermostatic head or servomotor
- no.1-2-3 Calibration and bypass valves
- no.1-2-3 Wilo PARA 25/7 electronic circulators
- Monitoring thermometers
- no.1-2-3 Lockshields
- Manual air vent valves
- Fill and drain valve

Technical specifications:
- Distribution manifold head threads: 1”1/4 M - 1” F
- Distribution manifold outlet threads: nut 1” F
- Single zone outlet threads: 1” F
- Distribution manifold maximum temperature: 110 °C
- Maximum pressure: 10 bar
- Circulator connections: pipe union 1”1/2 - spacing 130 mm.

Technical specifications of low temperature mixing unit:
- Max temperature on primary circuit: 90 °C
- Max operating pressure: 10 bar
- Δpmax on primary circuit: 1 bar
- Exchangeable heat output (∆T 7 °C, ∆p effective 0.25 bar)
fixed-point regulation: 10 kW bypass pos.0
fixed-point regulation: 12.5 kW bypass pos. 5
- Mixing valve pressure drops (fixed-point regulation): Kv = 3
- Kv with bypass valve in open position: max 4.9

To be completed with:
- thermostatic head with immersion probe cod. 90046750
- 3-point electric servomotor cod. 28157212
- 0-10 V DC electric servomotor cod. 28157222
In case of installation of an electric servomotor, combine the RCE or PCOC electronic climatic regulation kit for heating and / or cooling.

Note: for a correct recessed installation, it is recommended to install the module keeping a distance between the back of the box and the flush to the wall equal to 135 mm.
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