Sintesi Mini Wi-Fi

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Sintesi Mini Wi-Fi

Electronic programmable thermostat with Wi-Fi connection, with weekly programming and installation on built-in box occupying the space of only 2 modules, designed for room temperature control both in heating mode (winter) and in cooling mode (summer).

The free “Emmeti Sintesi” App, available on AppStore (for iOS systems) and Google Play (for Android systems) and compatible with Google Home and Amazon Echo, allows programming and total control even from your smartphone or tablet.
Any alarm situations are notified by sending an email to the specified address.

Technical data
- Mounting: built-in occupying the space of only 2 modules in 503 type box
- Power supply 230Vac (-15% ÷ +10%) 50/60Hz
- Maximum consumption: 6 VA / 230Vac
- Relay rating at 250 Vac: 5 A
- Operating mode: summer/winter/off
- Type of regulation: ON/OFF or proportional
- Differential: 0.1 ÷ 1 °C
- Programming: weekly, minimum 1 hour intervals
- Settable temperatures: 3 + manual + antifreeze
- Settable setpoint: 2÷50 °C
- Measured temperature resolution: 0.1 °C
- Measurement precision: 0.5 °C
- Antifreeze temperature (excludable): 1 ÷ 50 °C
- Power-on delay: 15, 30 or 45 minutes
- Clock precision: ± 1 s/day
- Automatic adaptation to daylight saving time and automatic synchronisation of date and time when connected to the internet
- Emergency control with manual operation and setting of the setpoint using the button on the device in the absence of a Wi-Fi connection
- Operating temperature: 0 ÷ 50 °C
- Storage temperature: -10 ÷ 65 °C
- Operating humidity: 20% ÷ 90% non-condensing RH
- Protection rating: IP40

Delegated Regulation (EU) no. 811/2013; attachment IV-3:
– Class of the temperature control device: Class 4; Class IV
- Contribution of the temperature control device to the seasonal energy efficiency of room heating in %: 2%

The Emmeti Sintesi application allows you to remotely control the thermostat using your smartphone or tablet, in details:
- Turn on and off the air conditioning system
- Create and modify weekly programs
- Change the values of the operating temperatures
- Simplify programming thanks to the copy-paste of a program over several days
- Set some holiday days in which the system remains off
- Configure e-mail address to receive notifications when the measured temperature has exceeded a minimum or maximum value that can be set
- Block operation from the keyboard (“local operation block”),allowing the device to be controlled only from the App itself

Adapters included for use with the following plates:
- ABB: Mylos
- AVE: S44
- BTICINO: Axolute, Axolute AIR, Light, Living International, LivingLight, LivingLight AIR, Matrix
- GEWISS: Chorus
- VIMAR: Arkè, Eikon, Eikon Evo, Plana
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Model Weekly Wi-Fi built-in chronothermostat
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