Saving in all areas

If you want innovative, integrated, smart, and low-cost solutions for your home, Emmeti, which has always been committed to offering systems that provide optimal comfort in an efficient and sustainable way in residential and commercial environments, will understand and enhance your
every need.

Mirai SMI

A heat pump is designed and manufactured to guarantee maximum efficiency and reliability of the heating and cooling systems.
It exploits the cooling cycle to transfer heat from the outside air to the water that circulates in the heating system. In other words, it extracts heat from a natural source, i.e., the outside air, which is cooled by the cooling cycle based on the condensation and evaporation of the refrigerant gas and on the thermal energy which is absorbed or released during these transitions. The heat is then transported inside the building at the ideal temperature.


  • Compact and complete system: the MIRAI SMI pump packs a complete set of functions into a compact design because the various components of the thermal system and the relevant adjustments are built into it.

  • Freedom and comfort: MIRAI SMI has a remote panel which is installed inside the house for simple, efficient control, offering you complete freedom to manage temperatures and timer settings, guaranteeing maximum comfort and minimum electricity consumption.


  • cooling and heating of rooms with a single unit

  • greater long-term product reliability

  • respect for the environment with total

  • elimination of direct C02 emissions

  • minimized routine maintenance costs

Domestic hot water, a fundamental asset

Domestic hot water is essential in all buildings, being decisive for people's hygiene and health at all times of the year and without exception. Therefore, we offer state-of-the-art systems and equipment capable of reducing consumption, optimizing the various system components, and ensuring high-quality standards.

The storage boilers and tanks for DHW are suitable for supplying households with autonomous or centralized systems, hotels, communities, sports centers, and all systems with recurring and irregular supplies of DHW, in general.


  • Multiple combinations: Emmeti boilers and tanks have one or more heating coils, or one or more flanges, which can be combined with the same number of elements using the relevant installation kit.

  • Versatility: installing one or more heating coils with different power outputs means using both standard and alternative heat sources, even with limited levels, like solar energy.

Clean heating thanks to the sun

Limiting waste is not only a purely economic issue but also a respect for nature and those around us. For the heating of buildings, we offer the latest generation of technologies that allow us to increase energy efficiency by limiting polluting emissions as much as possible thanks to using clean and renewable energy sources, such as solar. A virtuous system in which everyone gains, from the environment to the family wallet.

In this case, the Solar Kit HEVSN consists of a solar water heater; a solar station integrated and premounted on the water heater complete with three PT1000 probes, an expansion tank with its accessories, a Boguard electronic anode, a solar thermostatic mixer, a safety valve, and propylene glycol package(s).

The solar station allows the solar system to be managed by the built-in solar controller, equipped with three PT1000 immersion probes with silicone cable. Depending on the probe's temperature value, the controller can control one motorized three-way valve and one circulator or two.

Emmeti SUN

Emmeti offers a photovoltaic system consisting of high-quality and reliable components that fully meet the needs of such systems.

New environmental policies encourage implementing systems using renewable energy sources, making the application of photovoltaic systems extremely convenient: producing electricity using a free energy source such as solar energy.

A photovoltaic system is a fundamental step in respecting the environment and represents a significant investment related to savings on the electricity bill over the system's entire life.