Heat Meters

The Energy Box is a pre-assembled system for calculating energy and drinkable water use. A zone valve is included in the Energy Box and may be linked to a thermostat or cronothermostat. It's ready for a heat meter, volumetric water meters, and, eventually, heating distribution manifolds to be installed.

Each unit has its own temperature control and energy usage thanks to the zone valve attached to the thermostat.

Which is the difference between a direct reading system and an M-Bus system?

The direct reading system consists of heat meters that cannot be connected to an M-Bus network, so the only way to know the consumption is to read it on display.
The heat meters equipped with a data transmission system are ready to be connected to an M-Bus network. The consumption data is transmitted to a concentrator, from which you can download on a PC all the information.

Is it possible to install a wireless data transmission system?

Emmeti doesn’t promote a wireless data transmission system, considering that heat meters are installed inside metal boxes, and it is possible to have problems and errors.

Is it always necessary to install volumetric water meters with an impulse adapter?

There are two solutions if volumetric water meters need to be connected to an M-Bus network. One solution is to connect the volumetric water meter to a heat meter that includes the pulse adapter (double pulse connection). The second solution is to use the pulse adapter.

How many devices (heat meters and volumetric water meters) can I connect to a concentrator?

The number of heat meters connected to a concentrator depends on the model. The basic Energy Manager manages up to 20 devices.
Each additional expansion allows the addition of 60 devices.