The system Emmeti

Emmeti offers a comprehensive range of heating and cooling solutions for renovation and new construction.

The objective is to increase interior climate comfort while maximizing energy consumption. To do this, we provide you with cutting-edge systems that are user-friendly, combine the greatest performance with the most energy savings possible, and respect the environment. 

Enjoy the convenience of our heating & cooling solutions.

A good system is the sum of functional products that fit together perfectly.  A radiator will only heat efficiently when it is correctly sized and properly connected, fitted with thermostatic radiator valves. Underfloor heating works optimally when the complete system is considered from the floor fixing insulation, high quality pipe and distribution manifolds as well as advanced smart controls all working perfectly in combination.
Any hot water heating system will only work efficiently when the piping is correctly dimensioned and the fittings are properly connected.
Heating or cooling in the right place at the right time is only possible with intelligent controls.
This offers greater accuracy with temperature control meaning. You never heat too little, but also not too much. The complexity of such heating and cooling solutions can only be mastered from a system perspective.

Let us support you with a complete package, backed up by the experience and service of a big international group with a long history of indoor climate solutions.

Emmeti heating and cooling solutions are sustainable and meet the needs of a changing world today. 
Emmeti - Comfort Delivered.