In this article, we will explore the Emmeti Home System, the most comprehensive and effective solution for energy efficiency in homes and apartment buildings.

4 Benefits of the Emmeti Home System:

The Emmeti Home System offers numerous advantages for those who wish to reduce energy consumption in their homes, specifically:

1  Advanced optimization of energy consumption:
Using an intelligent energy control unit and temperature and humidity sensors, the Emmeti Home System automatically regulates heating and air conditioning to ensure maximum comfort with reduced energy consumption.

2  Reduction of energy bills:
Optimizing consumption allows you to significantly reduce energy costs, resulting in significant long-term economic savings.

3  Improvement of living comfort:
Thanks to thermostatic valves and programmable thermostats, the desired temperature in each room can be achieved and adjusted according to personal needs.

4  Contribution to reducing environmental impact:
By reducing energy consumption, you contribute to preserving the environment by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

What is the Emmeti Home System?

The Emmeti Home System is a set of solutions that enable energy optimization of the property. Innovative and interconnected products that are effective and can be monitored remotely. Specifically:

MIRAI-SMI 4.0 heat pump

A Made in Japan inverter air/water heat pump with R32 gas for residential applications, which combines the efficiency and reliability of Japanese technology with European system requirements, paying particular attention to the simplicity of installation and start-up. MIRAI-SMI 4.0 can be combined with FEBOS 4.0 : an exclusive control system via smartphone and tablet, which allows you to remotely control the correct functioning of the entire system, optimizing the self-consumption of the energy produced by the photovoltaic modules.

Arcobaleno Solar Panels 

With the Arcobaleno System, it is possible to heat water with the utmost respect for nature, drawing the necessary energy directly from sunlight. In this way, your home will only adopt solutions that use renewable, environmentally friendly sources and have very low operating costs.

Emmeti Clima Floor or Emmeti Plasterboard radiant system

Maximum performance is combined with maximum operating comfort. Being totally integrated into the floor, the radiant system allows the use of all spaces in the house, is not binding in the furnishing solutions, and also meets the ever-increasing need for summer cooling. Emmeti Clima Floor reduces the average radiant temperature, providing a feeling of comfort with slightly higher air temperatures than traditional systems and, combined with humidity control, also providing effective summer cooling.

Emmeti Recupera controlled ventilation system  

Ensures optimal air exchange and good air quality in all seasons. Controls temperature and humidity and recovers the thermal energy in the house, reducing waste.

Emmeti Energy Box metering system 

In the case of multifamily installations, this system makes it possible to manage and account for energy consumption based on actual energy use. Each user pays in proportion to his or her consumption.

Sustainability and efficiency: the solution is Emmeti

Living in healthy, comfortable and environmentally friendly environments has become increasingly important in our lives. It is precisely to meet this need that the experience and know-how Emmeti has accumulated in more than forty years of activity in the areas of Thermohydraulics, Air Conditioning and Renewable Energy is the best guarantee to offer integrated and reliable systems in full respect of the environment and energy saving.

Emmeti understands how crucial it is to create a home environment that is not only comfortable, but also sustainable. For this reason, we have developed state-of-the-art solutions that achieve the perfect balance between personal well-being and environmental protection.

Our extensive experience in the heating and plumbing sector allows us to ensure that our systems are reliable, efficient and energy sustainable. 

We understand that home heating and cooling accounts for a significant portion of a household's energy consumption, but through our innovative systems and the use of renewable sources such as solar and air, we are able to significantly reduce environmental impact and energy costs.

The Emmeti Home System is an advanced and complete solution for home energy efficiency, with its intelligent energy control unit, thermostatic valves, programmable chronothermostats and temperature and humidity sensors, it guarantees well-being and savings, for a sustainable future.