Energy-efficient heating and cooling with zone temperature control

The majority of residential buildings and private houses across Europe still have a heating (and cooling) system that’s based on the on/off control of a single zone. However, this often fails to create thermal comfort in every room and wastes energy by heating or cooling unoccupied rooms.

Zone temperature control offers a practical solution that increases comfort for all occupants and helps to save energy at the same time.

What is zone temperature control?

Instead of just one thermostat that controls all the heat emitters throughout a building, zone temperature control combines multiple thermostats, each controlling the temperature of a specified zone. This way, different areas can easily be set to different temperatures.

Our Chronothermostat Sintesi Wall Wi-Fi allows users to set their desired temperature based on personal preferences for each individual room.

On top of that, you can more easily focus on specific areas, such as a living room or kitchen, and minimise heating and cooling in rooms that aren’t being used.

Comfortable, energy-efficient heating and cooling

The ability to heat or cool specific rooms has two key advantages. On the one hand, custom zone temperature control allows users to create their ideal level of comfort in every zone. You can easily set a different temperature for the living room or kitchen, for example, without affecting the temperature in other zones. Or when cooling is needed in summer, a zone control system allows you to cool only the rooms upstairs, which tend to be warmer than those downstairs.

Using Chronothermostats such as our Sintesi Wall Wi-Fi  even makes it possible to set a different heating and cooling schedule for different rooms based on the users’ typical daily or weekly activities.

The second great advantage of zone temperature control is the energy and money that is saved. By adjusting the thermostat in zones that are not or seldomly used, energy is not wasted on unoccupied rooms. You can simply close off any unused zones so that you only consume energy where and when heating or cooling is required. 

You can pair the Sintesi Wall WI-FI thermostat with the intuitive Emmeti SINTESI app and remotely control the ideal room temperature, time programs, or other settings wherever and whenever you want!

Download the Emmeti Sintesi APP

With the Emmeti Sintesi App, you can control your home system wherever you are and whenever you want: turn it on and off, set the room temperature, and make hourly programming.

Download the App and discover how easy it is to use!

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