EPD 24-2 PM

Neutral air dehumidifier with cabinet for vertical wall-mounted installation.

- Structure in galvanized sheet metal panels, internally lined with sound-absorbing mat in open cell polyurethane foam
- Filter structure in galvanized sheet, G3 type filter
- Cooling circuit with coils in copper pipes and aluminum fins, reciprocating compressor mounted on anti-vibration supports, expansion capillary and filter drier
- Hydraulic circuit in copper pipes, with aluminum finned coils and copper pipes, fed with chilled water
- 3-speed forward-facing centrifugal fan
- Refrigerant fluid: R290
- White lacquered MDF cabinet with anodized aluminum grille
Technical data
- Power supply: 230 Vac, 50 Hz
- Maximum power absorbed: 320 W
- Maximum absorbed current: 1,55 A
- Air flow rate at speed 1-2-3: 150-185-220 m3/h
- Refrigerant load R290 (GWP=3)/CO2 eq: 0,095 kg/0,00029 t
- Water connections: 1/2” male
- Condensate drain: DN 19
- Net weight: 44 kg
- Dimensions (cabinet) WxHxD: 796x649x229 mm
Neutral air dehumidification operation (water 18-23 ° C), values declared at speed 1 (factory setting):
- Inlet air temperature min-max "dry bulb (wet bulb)": 21 (16) - 32 (26) °C
- Inlet water temperature: 12÷19 °C 
- Dehumidification capacity: 0,68 l/h, with dry bulb inlet air T=27 °C, wet bulb 21 °C
- Water flow rate: 180 l/h
- Water pressure drop: 6,8 kPa 
- Sound power level: 48 dB(A)
- Sound pressure level: (value refers to a distance of 2.5 m from the unit, directional factor equal to 2 and closed ambient constant R equal to 50 m2): 38,2 dB(A)
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Model EPD 24-2 PM
Q.ty per pack. 1 pcs
Code 07300112