Eco Hydro Kit

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Eco Hydro Kit

Eco Hydro Kit is the mini 'boiler room' model designed for integration in Mirai SMI 4.0 heat pump systems.
The Kit is housed inside an attractive metallic grey module with the possibility for exposed installation and is equipped with simplified connections positioned on a special template at the back.
It is the ideal solution for domestic hot water production combined with MIRAI-SMI 4.0 heat pump in apartments where users prefer not to opt for a heat pump water heater, insofar as potentially noisy and whose installation would require the walls to be drilled to pass the air ducts outside (particularly if the product needs to be installed in a hallway at the center of the apartment).

It is a genuine "boiler room module" insofar as all the heat pump supply and return pipes, the two underfloor supply and return pipes, the domestic cold water inlet, and the domestic hot water outlet are all directly connected to it.
The water connections are all at the rear with ball valves and identification labels: they are all size 1" F, except for the DCW inlet and DHW outlet connections, which are size 3/4" F.

- 180 liters (mod. ITM-200B) or 340 liters (mod. ITM-400B) domestic water cylinder, vitrified, foamed, with enhanced coil for the heat pump
- Electronic anode to protect the domestic water cylinder
- Integrated heating element for the production of DHW, power 1.2 kW
- DHW temperature probe to be installed on the cylinder and connected in the terminal block to the MIRAI-SMI 4.0 heat pump
- 25 liters inertial storage tank
- Expansion vessel 10 liters for primary heating/cooling circuit
- Expansion vessel for domestic water circuit (8 liters for model ITM-200B, 10 liters for model ITM-400B)
- 3-way diverter valve, domestic water priority
- Differential bypass valve
- Air vent valves
- Domestic water storage tank safety valve
- Pressure gauge installed on the primary circuit
- Primary circuit fill valve
- Safety valve on the domestic water storage tank
- Water drain valve on DHW storage
- Adjustable feet
- Predisposition for installation of flow meter for MIRAI-SMI 4.0, length = 130 mm, 1 "male threaded connections
- Predisposition for booster pump installation

Technical data of DHW storage tank
- Capacity: 180 l (mod. ITM-200B), 340 l (mod. ITM-400B)
- Maximum operating pressure: 6 bar
- Standing loss S (mod. ITM-200 B): 80 W (UNI EN 12897 with Twater = 65 °C and Tambient = 20 °C)
- Standing loss S (mod. ITM-400 B): 100 W (UNI EN 12897 with Twater = 65 °C and Tambient = 20 °C)
- Specific standing loss (mod. ITM-200 B): 1,78 W/K
- Specific standing loss (mod. ITM-400 B): 2,22 W/K
- Energy efficiency class: C

Technical data of inertial storage tank
- Total capacity (effective volume): 65 l
- Maximum operating pressure: 3 bar if combined with heat pump
- Insulation in rigid expanded polyurethane: 40 mm
- Standing loss S: 40 W (UNI EN 12897 with Twater = 65 °C and Tambient = 20 °C)
- Specific standing loss: 0,89 W/K

Operating range
- Internal temperature: 0 – 40 °C
- Water temperature: 5 – 75 °C

Dimensions [WxDxH]
- Mod. ITM-200B: 601 x 639 x 1973 mm
- Mod. ITM-400B: 751 x 785 x 2100 mm
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