PE-Xc PENTA pipe 5 layers with oxygen barrier EVOH

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UNI EN ISO 21003-2

PE-Xc PENTA pipe 5 layers with oxygen barrier EVOH

The PE-Xc pipe with EVOH oxygen barrier, 5 layers, perfectly satisfies the quality requirements of radiant heating/cooling systems, in particular thanks to its properties of flexibility and durability over time.
It also satisfies the applicable international standards, while the numerous quality inspections and controls ensure maximum safety over time.

The Emmeti PE-Xc pipe in electronically cross-linked polyethylene is compliant according to standard UNI EN ISO 21003-2 and includes an oxygen barrier in compliance with standard DIN 4726, and it's certified SKZ HR 3.2.
Thanks to the arrangement of the 5 layers, the oxygen barrier is protected against mechanical damages.

Technical data
- Classes of application: 4/8 bar - 5/6 bar
- Oxygen permeability (DIN 4726): < 0.32 mg/(m2d) at 40 °C; < 3.60 mg/(m2d) at 80 °C
- Density: 940 kg/m3
- Thermal conductivity: 0,41 W/mK
- Average coefficient of linear expansion: 0.15 mm/m °C
- Minimum bending radius: 5 x external diameter
- Internal roughness: 7 μm
- Water capacity: 0.201 l/m
- Application: heating systems (not suitable for plumbing systems)
Model Q.ty per pack. Code
Model 20 x 2 mm
Q.ty per pack. 500 meter
Code 28141858