Heat generators and well-being

Radiant heating and cooling systems

Our heating and cooling systems comprise pipes, manifolds, mixing units, radiant cooling dehumidifiers, and various other instruments. We give highly competent services to create the finest solutions for these systems.

In this residential villa project in Alcamo (Italy), the Emmeti Clima Floor Radiant Heating and Cooling System is the most comfortable and secure way to utilize the floor as a heater in the winter and a cooler in the summer.
Thermal energy (hot or cold) will always be uniformly dispersed throughout the rooms, with no irritating cold breezes, noise, or dust and an undetectable system.

With the Emmeti Clima Floor, during winter, the low temperature of the system supply water boosts the performance of the condensing boilers or heat pumps, allowing for significant reductions in fuel consumption. 
During the summer, the electronic control unit constantly regulates the water's temperature to optimize the heating system's operation and the water cooler's efficiency.


  • system durability

  • technical dependability

  • superior insulation panels

Mirai SMI + Febos

The ideal technology for implementing a heat pump thermal system that has all of the standard benefits:

- the possibility of cooling and heating rooms with a single unit
- more excellent product reliability over time
- respect for the environment in the face of the total elimination of direct CO2 emissions.

Mirai SMI is a monoblock Air-to-Water DC-Inverter heat pump designed and manufactured in Japan for maximum efficiency and reliability in winter and summer air conditioning; with "DC Inverter" technology, there is a continuous variation of power to the system's demand and optimized management of electrical consumption.

The Febos-HP, which has been superseded by the newer and more advanced Febos 4.0, connects to the home's electrical switchboard and monitors the power produced, energy intake, withdrawal, and consumption.
The data is constantly updated and accessible anytime and from any device, no matter where you are.


  • universal: compatible with any home system.

  • easy to use and install: applies to the system without any tampering with it.

  • automatic load activation: of one or more loads through relay with programmable threshold or manual remotely with tablet or smartphone.

  • alarm control: displays possible alarms of the inverter and heat pump

Ventilation and Comfort

The entrance of fresh air is significantly responsible for feeling well inside an enclosed environment: climatic comfort, air exchange, and the experience of mental and physical well-being are all heavily influenced by appropriate ventilation.

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV) systems manage temperature, humidity, and pollutants, significantly boosting our comfort level. Mechanical ventilation initiates continuous air exchange control and responds to the presence of humans, guaranteeing that only pure air is introduced owing to filters that prevent outside pollutants.
Unlike traditional ventilation systems or opening windows, CMV systems with an effective internal recuperator preserve heat from the outgoing air, transferring it to the incoming air and vice versa, allowing stable temperatures to be maintained in both winter and summer.

The Recupera DRY-300 is an integrated solution of Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV) with dehumidification and air treatment for residential environments; by combining a radiant system and a single air distribution system in the rooms, it is possible to treat the air in different seasons, meeting the multiple needs of environmental comfort.

The following air treatments are possible with Recupera DRY-300.


  • Air dehumidification (neutral air operation);

  • Air renewal with heat recovery,dehumidification, and potential chilling


  • Air renewal with heat recovery (neutral air operation);

  • Air heating;

  • Air renewal with heat recovery and heating integration.

Heat pumps, convenience is green

Eco Hot Water is a heat pump dedicated to domestic water heating that uses solar energy only when it is available or only when you want it.

You can only choose the heat pump if you want to combine environmental comfort and well-being, energy savings, and environmental friendliness. This system is at the forefront of energy efficiency and pollution reduction, especially when combined with the photovoltaic system.
Furthermore, the heat pump's virtuosity is found in the instant economic savings for homeowners who invest in innovative and green technology.